Xcash Online Cash – How To Get Loan In Few Steps

Are you faced the spirit of Sapa, and you need to solve or settle some challenges financially and it is causing you serious headache as you know getting loans normally requires some tedious us processes such as collateral, guarantors, paperwork are always required? You don’t need to panic or worried no more as Xcash online loan is here to grant you all your loan wishes.

What Is Xcash Online Loan?

Xcash is an online application that help nigerans to get fulfilment by granting them loan with almost no interest on the loan given to customer be it for business purposes or other financial issue such as school fees, rent, medical fees. These loans are given to all customers be it student or salary earner or self-employed, as long repayment can be carryout by the borrower, loan will definitely be granted with few buttons pushed.

Xcash Loan Offers varies as it depends on your credit scores, and this is one of the procedures to evaluate your qualification to get loan from Xcash as they get to know this through detailed filled when signing up on the application install on google play store or apple store.

What Is Procedure To Get Xcash Loan?

  1.  Go on your phone application store and search Xcash .Xcash is available for all kind of operating system be it IOS or Android 10
  2. Install and sign up.
  3. Fill necessary information, phone number link to your BVN, as it is important.
  4. Input the loan amount you are seeking, as they will let you know if you eligible or they give you their loan amount and submit.
  5. if loan amount is approved, it will be sent to the account detail you filled when signing up.

Xcash Loan Amount and Interest

Xcash gives loan from 10,000 to 100,00, which might be small amount compared to other loan platform. Xcash don’t really give to high interest rate on their loan anyway.

for example, if you collected loan of 10,000 naira for 6month .Xcash will only charge the borrower the interest rate of 4% per month.

interest Rate:24% and the annual percent rate (APR) is 56% .180days loan repayment of 24.00 naira which in total will be NGN124.00

Xcash loan gives loan for the period of 91days to 180days.

Who Can Get Loan From Xcash

  • Nigeria citizen
  • Age: 18-60, as long you can repay loan given to you

How To Contact Xcash

Xcash are always eager and looking forwarded for your messages as they are ready to help solve and quench your curiosity about how to apply and get loan on their loan platform. Always message them to get satisfying answer to your and enquiries and suggestion also are also welcomed.

They are online 24/7 to answer you and assist you with your loan request.

Service Hotline: 017001000 {8am-6pm} {Mon-Fri} {Sat 9am – 5pm}

Service Email Address: xcashng@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xcashng

Office Address: 45c Sauket St Ikeja GRA Lagos Sate Nigeria

All procedure is a sure way to get your loan from Xcash ,and also repayment early help get loan credit increase. Kindly comment your opinion in the comment section if our content. help you get easy loan.



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