SwiftKash – How To Request and Get Loan Immediately

SwiftKash – How To Request and Get Loan Immediately

Indvidual might be in need of urgent money and head on play store to search for loan platform to get money to sort all his or her trouble immediately but due to the requirement and time needed to fill and wait for the verification process, it might be definitely tasking. I bring you one of the reliable loan platforms that grants you loan without making you sweat, in this blog article we will be talking about SwiftKash,the Loan platform that gives loan to customer with little processes.

How To Get Loan from SwiftKash & Get Increase Loan Limits

SwiftKash gives loan after satisfying verification of the customer through the use of the customer SMS history and logging into the data on the customer phone to judge if such merits the loan and also create credit score if to grant the customer or to decline the loan application. SwiftKash are one of the loan platforms that gives loan up to 600,000.

How To Get Loan

Just So you know Swift Cash uses machine learning to predict eligibility of customer who seeks loan to known if he or she is worthy as they can predict the applicant behavior. Swift cash is created solely for the purpose of helping people with loans, so people can enhance their business goal and personal growths.

How Much Can You Get from Swift Kash and Interest Rates

Swift Cash grants loan range from 10,000 to 600.000

What Loan Interest Term

You can get loan and lasted for 91days to 180days.

Interest Rate: the regular interest rate starts from 0.8% percent daily or 36% percent annually.

How Interest rates calculated

For instance: You borrow 20,000 with a repayment in 120 days, which means the total interest to be paid will be 20,000 multiply by 0.08 percent multiply by 120 days which equals to 1920 naira. Which means the borrower is to pay back the sum of 20,000 plus interest of 1920, which total 21,920.

Note: When you do well by repaying early or pay at exactly time set for the repayment gives the borrower edges to increase the loan limit or credits, so borrower is being advice to Repay early.

Why SwiftKash Is Easy To Give Loan

  1. Easy to download the application, as they application is available in IOS and Play store.
  2. It easy to sign up and get register immediately.
  3. Swift Kash does not ask for any Paperwork no collateral, no need to visit any office before loan has been granted.
  4. Whatever you use the loan money for is non-off swift cash business. whether used for business or home use or hospital bills.
  5. No high interest rate adds for rollover.
  6. Swift Cash encourages low and flexible payment for your repayments.

Which Age Can Get Loan

  1. Swift Kash gives to age range 20yyears – 55years.
  2. Nigerian citizen only is grant loan.

How To Get Loan On Swift Cash

  1. Download the application on either apple or google play store.
  2. Signup with your phone number linked with your Biometric verification number (BVN) for easy loan granting verification.
  3. OTP will be sent to the number you sign up with.
  4. Now select or input the amount of your loan.
  5. Fill everything correctly and kindly proceed to submit your application.
  6. Swift Kash will now send you message if your application is approved or not.
  7. If it approved, then they will send you’re your loan amount to the link account you put while filling the sign-up form.

Your data collect is being taken seriously as they will never share your information with anybody, your Privacy is their Priority.

How To Contact SwiftKash

They have the best supporting team as they are active 24/7 to answer all question and solve problem of their esteem customers.

Website: https://swiftkash.ng

Email: service@swiftkash.ng

As you have read to this level on how to get loan from SwiftKash ,do well to go ahead to get any amount of loan you so desire and do well to comment if this article has helped you to get fulfillment, share your experience with your family and friends. If you have any problem, do well to contact them using the email and their website or betterer still reach out to me using the contact Us on our website.

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