Naira Loan- How To Get Personal Loans Easily

Been broke and having enough of bills to pay is coming up now and then as a challenge, no one to run to, to get money or loan from as in many cases of one in hundred requires collateral, paperwork and guarantor. Family and friends aren’t useful or come to one’s rescue in most cases, which result in seek for platform to get loan from with annual percentage rate or low interest. Also getting platform that gives loan with high amount is not easy to find in most cases, don’t look further or worried as Naira Loan is here to solve and give you loan that befits your goal.

Naira Loan Personal loan as it’s called gives personal loan to those who are in tight times to foot their bills at ease, Naira loan gives loan higher than what borrower expected, reliable, higher loan given as your credits loan grows. They respond fast also to customers. So, let discuss deep about Naira Loan personal loan, How to get loan and Why choose Naira Loan?


Why Selected Naira Loan?

  • Naira Loan Is reliable, don’t request for collateral, Paperwork.
  • Loan Up to ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 is given to borrower if seek.
  • Naira Loan are active 24/7 always.
  • Naira Loan is flexible and customer service are well competent.

All You needs To Know About Naira Loan Packages

Naira loan gives loan from (₦)1,500 to (₦)500,000.

Naira loan period starts from 91days {Minimum period adding delay periods} – 360days {1years} {Maximum, adding delay time}

Maximum loan from Naira Loan (₦) 500,000 (₦)1,000.000

Naira Loan Annual Percent Rate [APR]: 18.25%

Service charge: Naira loan don’t charge for service.

Further Breakdown

If you collect a loan of ₦10,000 for the duration of 91days, the total interest rate will be ₦10,000 x 0.05% x 91=₦455 as interests, while monthly will be ₦10,000 x 0.05% x 30days = ₦150, The total amount will now be ₦10,000 + ₦455 = 10,455. This is how Naira Loan calculate interest rate .

How to apply?

  • Firstly, go on Google Play or apple store to install the Naira Loan App
  • Fill in your identification details correctly.
  • select the amount of loan you needed and proceed to submit your loan application.

Who Can Obtain Loan from Naira Loan

  1. Only Nigerian citizen are eligible to get loan.
  2. Age: From 18-60 Year.
  3. Borrower must have source of income be it monthly or daily in order to repay the loan acquired.

Naira Loan is created solely for the purpose of giving financial assistance to her customers at affordable interest rate to low earner e.g., students, petty traders with little understanding to our advance Nigeria banking system.


How To Contact Naira Loan For Enquiries & Questions:

You can contact Naira Loan customer service through the details below, for your questions, suggestion, inquiries. They attend fast and it 24/7 they attend to customers, render assistance to trouble customers. Their contacts as follow.

Customer Service Email:

Address: Shobell House 13 Ikogosi Close, Osborne Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria




Naira Loan as said at the beginning of this article, naira loan is reliable and gives reasonable amount to loan seeker, also loan chances increases if loan is being pay ack in actual time or period by the borrower. Customer are expected to repay loan fast without delays.

If you find this blog post worthy, drop your comments below, or if you have any question, you can send us email through our contact page or you direct your question to Naira Loan through their contact detain on this post. Thanks



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