Cash Loan – Get Loan With Low Interest Rate Now

Cash Loan - Get Loan With Low Interest Rate Now

Cash Loan is a technology loan application with the customer satisfaction at heart, cash loan is created solely for the service of the Nigerian audience, cash Loan gives loan and also allow customers or consumers to be able to pay bills for goods and services through the usage of their app. There’s a lot of loaning platform online, giving loan to the masses with very high interest rate but Cash Loan case, they stand out among the rest as they serve 24/7.

Nigerians are always in need of cash for money emergency such as school fees, house rent, medical bills.

Cash Loan gives loan only to it Nigeria consumers.

What are benefits of getting loan from Cash Loan

  • No Collateral demanded.
  • Low Interest Rate
  • Easy Bill Payments
  • No Charges to Services
  • No sharing of information with third party

All borrowers must be Nigerian citizen with the age of 18years – 60year with National Identification Card

How To Register With CashLoan

  • Search Google play store or apple store to install the cash loan app.
  • Sign Up
  • Fill in your necessary information.
  • Borrower will have to wait for review.
  • Input your bank detail and select your loan desire instantly, so you can receive it to your bank account. Apply immediately!

Loan Amount

Cash Loan gives loan from: ₦5,000 – ₦100,000.

Loan period: the period of loan starts from three month [91days] to 12month [1year]

What Cash Loan Interest

Cash loan maximum interest rate is 14% per year [APR] Annual Percentage rate and no services charges attached.

For Illustration

If you collect the loan of ₦5,000, the interest rate will be 14% [annual percent rate] a year and the loan period is 120days, the borrower will now have to pay back ₦5,000 + Interest rate of ₦5,000 x 14% {APR]x [120/365) days= ₦5,230 (no other charges attached).The total repayment will be ₦1,307=₦5,230/4

How To Contact Cash Loan 

For enquiries, in most cases customer might want to contact the loan app to ask some troubling question and they won’t be able to get in touch with them, but in cash loan cash it not so as they are glad their customer want to make inquiries about their packages.

Address: 4B Simbiat Abiola Rd, Allen 101233, Ikeja, Nigeria


If you read to this point, then you have done well, Cash Loan app will be useful for your Bill payments, online airtime purchases and also gives loan to borrower with low interest rate, you can get more loans when you repay fast after you given loan. If you have any suggestion to make the cash loan service good and better, kindly contact them through the contact information above and for complaint you can also open ticket and send it using the email address or go straight to their office. you can use the address above.

Cash loan application was released in September 2021 to the public and has gathered over one million downloads, which is and evidence that they are reliable and bankable.

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