XCrossCash – Get Loan In 3 Steps

XCrossCash - Get Loan In 3 Steps

Everyday has a way of coming with it trouble as in most cases, we tend to need money for some important things, be it our school fees or house rent, hospital bills or other day to day task that requires us spending money to settle such problems. We know many times we encounter money issues or challenges are in our down times, when we don’t have means of solving all those monetary problems, don’t panic or worried as in this blog post or article, we will elaborate and discuss how to get loan easily from platform knowns as XcrossCash Loan Online App.

We all know getting loans this days isn’t as easy as it looks, it pass through  duly process to get Loans or Credits, Paper works or collaterals are required which eventually resulted to time waste in most cases before getting te loan to solve or settle all you needed the loan for. XcrossCash is definitely not going to be time waste or ask for what will be time consuming, so here are the requirement for getting loan from XcrossCash, once you follow the process ,you will be definitely given the Loan you demanded. XCrossCasgh don’t ask for much, they just need you to repay you loan back once’s they grant the loaner.

How To Get Loan From XcrossCash

XcrossCash gives their customer the opportunity to seek and get loan faster, also encourages customer to increase the it loan limits in numerous methods. XcrossCash gives loan for very urgent purposes.

What Are The Special Offers For The Customers

1. Loan limits starts from 10,000 to 100,000

2. Repayment of loans are allowed to be installment methods also

3. Loan repayments are from 91days to 180days

4. XcrossCash loan interest grow in 4% to 4.7%

5. XcrossCash annual percentages rate grow from 24% to 56% in a year


For more elaboration: If a customer selected loan for 6 month and collected 10,000 worth of cash loan XcrossCash charges an interest loan rate of 4% per month interest rate ,24% and the annual percentage rate will be 48% .180 days repayment of Naira 24,00.Which amounted in total to be naira 124.00

XcrossCash Loan Applicant Requirement

1. Must be a Nigerians

2. Age: 18 – 25 are up to the legal age for loans

How Easy Is Getting XcrossCash Loan

Follow this easy step and you few seconds way to get loan

1. Install the app and signup immediately.

2. Activate your limit after registering

3. Seek for the loan grant by inputting the amount you needed

4. Link your bank account by inputting your BVN

5. Withdraw your Loan once you get credited

You can increase you loan limit by repaying your loan before or after assign time and date set for repayment as this will help get Loan increase limits’ which means you must keep a good record with XcrossCash Loan.

Other Interesting Things About XcrossCash

1. They response 24/7 to customer questions and enquiries

2. Xcrosscash gives loan to all people who seek it – Salary earners or students as loan they have means of paying back.

How To Contact XcrossCash

1. You can contact them with their Service Email: Xcross.tyz@gmail.com

2. Office Adress: 50c Sauket St,Ikeja GRA,ikeja Lagos State Nigeria

All you read on this Article are how to get loan and the requirements for such laons which is what most people finds difficult to get,follow the process and say no more to your trouble of money issues as XcrossCash got you covered.Dont forget to drop your comments if you finds this helpful

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