Nigeria MTN Old Codes Stop Working, Here List Of New Codes

You might discover the old Nigeria MTN (USSD Unstructured Supplementary Service DATA) code stop working when dialed *556# for check recharge balance or trying to check your data subscription balance or even attempt subscribing to your prefer packages. Don’t panic or worried too much as you will know the new codes release by Nigeria MTN.

  • The new code for anything related to Data & Subscription Plans – Dial *312# and it will take you to the subscription section, listing all available subscriptions plans.
  1. Data plans
  2. XtraValue (Data Voice)
  3. Social Bundles
  4. Business Bundles
  5. Roaming/International calls
  6. Borrow Credit/Recharge
  7. Gift Data
  8. Video Packs
  9. Hot Deals

Now you select the data plans which has the new code to be *312#, and follow the steps shown to you the menu.

New code for recharge is *311#, You call dial the code when you want to recharge your for in place of the former *555* the 12-digit code on the recharge card paper then you hit the # key then send to recharge. For Example, *555*1234567890123# for former code

new code will be *311*12 recharge pin#

This can’t be done if you are recharging from your bank account though, it for those that are stilling buying scratch card or paper card. If you someone who don’t know recharge from your bank, then read to the bottom of this article to know how to get it done with few steps.

Code For Borrowing Recharge Card

As seen in above image, the new code for lending credit is *303#, if you try the former code, it might work or not but be rest assure the new code works effectively. Dial the *303# on your mobile phone, another instruction will pop up on your phone screen, which alert you if you are eligible to borrow credit or not.

If you are owing, they will urge you to pay back outstanding debt before another credit will be given to you.

How To Check Your Account Balance

the new code for checking your account balance is *310# no longer *556# that we all know, so memorize it so you don’t forget.

How To Share Data With Love Ones

Sharing of data with friends and family has been a way of showing love to our friends or family by gifting them data to surf the internet or be able to chat with their friends. The new code for data sharing is *321#

when you dial the *321#, new menu will pop up on your screen with option.

  1. Airtime Share
  2. Gift data
  3. Sme data share

You are left with the best option for you to select, if it shares airtime or gift data – you can buy for a friend or share from your already bought data. You can share 500mb with your friends but after the release oof the new code, the new size for sharing is high as 2GB data size, this is a good news as friends and family will be able to surf the internet well.

Airtime share – you can share airtime with your love by sending them airtime, you have to create pin for that so anyhow person won’t have access to your phone and share to themselves without tour consent.

How To Check NIN status

The new code to check the NIN status of every Nigeria phone user is *996#

dial the code on your phone to know i your national identity is link to your number.


the aforementioned codes are the new release code to recharge, subscription, share data and share airtime. Kindly memorized the codes for easy using. Contact us through the contact page for questions or enquiring, suggestion on how to get your mtn service, we are always delighted to welcome your Questions forget to share our blogpost with friends and family if you find Value.

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