How To Bypass MTN debt and Buy Data – Two Method

We are all guilty of lending and not paying ack in time or immediately which stand as roadblock for us not to subscribe most time. we end up subscribing to other network, because we don’t want to pay back debt, we have incurred, as they will automatically deducted any amount that enter the sim card, we used to get the borrowed airtime. Panic no more or worried no more stressing to change your data line as in this blog article, you will know how to subscribe to your data package without paying back the airtime you borrowed. Let dive into it detailed.

Step 1 – You can bypass your airtime debt and subscribe only if you subscribe through bank account.

dial *904# to enter the menu for subscribing from your bank account,

  • Dial *904#, it will show you welcome to mtn OnDemand.
  • with listed menu – go straight to Buy Data Plan
  • Select buy data, new menu will pop up with new data packages.
  • select the prefer that package you will love to subscribe to
  • Please select One Off or you select Auto renew.
  • Autorenewal will always renew immediately your data exhausted so choose one-off.
  • when you select one-off, another menu pop up – select Which of them.
  • Hot Deals, Daily Data, weekly, monthly, 2-month, 3-month plans

we will use daily plan as an example.

so, select daily plan, it will now pop up another menu with the question if you are subscribing for third party or for yourself. the data e.g., 2GB

3. Send the command

4. another menu will pop up, asking for which payment method

5. Bank USSD, bank account, or debit account

6. select bank USSD, click continue by input 1

7. select your bank e.g., UBA

8.then, input your bank pin.

9. voola, you just subscribe without paying your mtn airtime debt, now you can surf the internet without switching to another network to subscribed

How To Subscribe From Bank With Mtn App

This another method or way to get your data subscription even if you are owing MTN, follow this easy task to do so.

  • Download MyMtn App from Google play store if you are using Android phone or go on Apple store to download if you IOS user.
  • After you install the App, launch the app, input your phone number to register.
  • Input the 6-digit OTP code sent to the number for verification.
  • done with first steps,

To Subscribe.

  1. Click to launch the MyMtn app.
  2. Click on bundle.
  3. Data Bundle
  4. It will show you all kind of data packages.
  5. select your prefer package and click.
  6. Buy this product.
  7. Select bank card, and one-off. click proceed.
  8. Select debit to link your bank ATM card.
  9. input the 16 digit and three number at the back of your ATM card.
  10. OTP from your bank will be send to your phone for verification if you the one who authorized the data subscription, now input the OTP.
  11. Gbam, you have saucerful purchased 2GB is the message you will see on your phone.



This are the only way to purchase data when you are owing, follow the step and let us know if you were able to purchase data or not. if you are able, endeavor to share this blogpost with your fellow airtime debtor, lol kidding Tho. Thanks

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