Joy Cash- Reliable Online Loan, What To Do To Get Loan Easily

In these days where there’s recession, many individuals are faced with money issues, brokenness is no one’s friends. We all battle to pay our daily bills in most scenario as things might happen without asking for our permission, for instance when we felt sick or when one of our family members need our monetary assistance and nowhere to turn to find answers. We tend to be trouble as in most case, no way to get loan or get some to borrow you money to settle our challenges. Collateral, vital document must be submitted to get pass through to get a loan from local loaner, this has been a big challenge for a long time now as it can be time consuming, and at the end, one might not still get the loan. In this blog post, I will show you how to get loan with easy step from Joy Cash, Low interest rate.

What Is Joy Cash

Joy cash is a platform created solely for given loan to the Nigerian citizen, in order to help grow their business financial with low interest return. Loan up to ₦80,000 to ₦2,000,000 in few minutes of install the joy cash app .You can get higher loan if your record of repaying loan collects back in fast mode.

Things To Do To Get Loan From Joy Cash

  • Joy cash don’t require you to submit Collateral, guarantor or registration fees.
  • Document required: only 1 document required – if you have passport, voters’ card or NIN or the plastic national identification card. Any one is accepted.
  • Your Bank Account is needed to receive the loan.
  • 180days to 12month is given for repayment depending on the package you pick.
  • You can double or triple your credit score by repaying back loan fast.
  • Interest rate: 0.1% per day

How To Get Loan, The Easy Process

  1. First, you download the application, fill in your relevant details so they can give you be fitting loan score.
  2. Choose your prefer loan amount and select the date to repay the loan.
  3. Link your bank account for getting the loan.

How To Repay Joy Cash Loan

You can use the online payment method by connecting your bank ATM or by using their USSD code by dialing it on the phone number you used when signing up on the Joy cash application. You can make full payment or pay back gradually before the date for repayment elapse.

Can You Borrow Again After Repayment

Yes! Once you made repayment early, you can get higher loan limits.

Who Can Apply For Loan?

  1.  Nigerian citizen
  2. Age: 18years to 60years


Any Nigerian citizen that has valid national identification card, or reachable number


Do You Have Control On Your Loan

Yes, you can choose the days, duration for the loan you collected up to 1years or 180days.And if you have a plan change, the loan charges will be adjusted automatically.


Transparency: On Joy Cash no extra changes or unclear mandatory charges, there are no charges for unsuccessful applications.

Interest Rates:

Joy Cash interest rates are not high like others, they give daily rate as low as 0.1% (which equal to 10 naira daily for collecting loan of 10,000 naira) and you can pay for days you needed the loan for only.

Joy Cas doesn’t ask for access fee.


Borrower are given loan from ₦ 100,000 to ₦ 1,000,000.

Is Your Information Secure?

Joy Cash keeps all their customer information and privacy in a secure with SSL encryption which is latest means of keep information secured.

How Do Joy Cash Treats Their Customer


Joy Cash treats borrower with respect even if they don’t repay loan fast as date schedule stated.


Joy Cash offer customer the opportunity to earn when they invite friends and family to install Joy Cash Application on Google play or apple store.

Joy Cash Maximum yearly percentage rate is 36.5% – 182.50%

How Interest Is Calculated

If a borrower collects ₦18000 for the period of 120days and the daily rate is calculated to e 0.5%, the total interest rate will be ₦18000 multiply by 0.5% x 120 = ₦1o800 and the total yearly repayment amount will be ₦18000 + ₦18000 x 0.5% x 120 = ₦28800

How To Reach Joy Cash

You might want to make finding about joy cash packages or have suggestions on how joy cash improve their service, then here are how to contact them.

Address: Ikeja GRA, Lagos State, Nigeria


Joy cash is here to come to your aid for all monetary challenges, if you follow all the process and you get loan, kindly drop good review or feedback for us in the comment section and also share our article with your family and friends. Don’t forget to pay your loan early so that you can get good record so you can get higher loans.

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