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They said you learn before you earn , hustling can be offline and online ,when you hustle (work) offline which categorize you or the individual as salary earner not self-employed .such person earning comes in hand to hand from the masters to the worker but in the case of self-online employed ,those that work online and when after you have learnt and start earning there’s still some process to follow to be able to withdraw your earnings as in most cases you earn in foreign currency which requires a foreign account to be able to be withdrawn to local account. If you blogger or freelancer, youtuber whatever you do online to earn a legit living, in this blog article you will know how to open an account that you can use to receive your hard currency in all foreign currency.


  1.  Domiciliary Account: Рis a bank account created by the banks that operates in the country you live and authorized by the government that can be used to receive and send foreign currency such as dollar, pounds and euro. Domiciliary account is different from normal bank account as bank accounts can receive foreign currency, normal bank account are savings and current account.


How To Create Domiciliary Account


  • Go to the prefer bank branches you love to open an account with or if you have already created an account let say you have an account with UNITED BANK OF AFRICA
  • Go to the branch and tell the customer service you would like to open a domiciliary account, they will ask for you for which purpose, tell them since its legal business you are doing online.
  • Form will be given to you, fill it and read all terms and conditions properly before signing. And if you have any question, ask so you don’t make errors.
  • You will need two guarantors at least level 12 or 18 civil servant.
  • Also at least 50 dollars should be in the account before they can create or open the domiciliary account.
  • once you provide all the requirement, the account will be open immediately.


How To Send Foreign Currency With Domiciliary Account


  • After the account is created, let say you earn $100 from you google AdSense and it was wired into your domiciliary account. Just head over to the domiciliary account and input the amount you want to send out by inputting the 10-digit domiciliary account number of the receiver. Check if the name that accompanied the account number is correct as the beneficiary. Hit send!
  • Little charges will be deducted from your account for making such transaction.
  • If the sender and the receiver are using same bank, the transaction fee is free.
  • Before you can make transfer of foreign currency you will need OTP


How To Receive Foreign Currency With Domiciliary Account



  • After your domiciliary account is created; they will send you the 11 digits number or the customer service staff will write it down for you.
  • Let say you want to receive or get paid by Mr. Adamu, just send the 10 digits number to Mr. Adamu
  • Mr. Adamu will now send the agreed amount to the account number you sent to him.
  • You will receive text message, notifying you that Mr. Adamu has credited your Domiciliary account.


2. Skrill Account: – Skrill account an online platform that allow it user of over millions to send and receive foreign currency with a very low charges for every transaction. It was created in year 2001 and it allow user in over 100 countries to be able to send and receive foreign currency, it fast and reliable.

Skrill allows you to exchange your currency to another free of charge. Let say you were pay in dollars, and you want to send it to another person as Euro or Pounds. Just scroll or click the exchange and input the amount.


How To Create Skrill Account 


  • Input the in your browser and click to enter the URL.
  • Click create account or sign up.
  • Fill in all necessary details of you, then hit save.
  • Verify your identity by sending them your NIN voters card details or if you have international passport.
  • Verify your home address by submitting your Bank statement details and it must correspond with the address you filled when signing up.
  • It takes days before the verification will be successful.
  • After verification, if you want to send money for the first time it might take 3days, though this has to do with the sender. For instance, when i wanted to receive money from propeller ads network, I had to wait for 3-4days before the funds gets to my account.


How To Send Money With Skrill


  1. Click send, input the amount and input the receiver Gmail account in the appropriate place and hit send
  2. You will be charge for each transaction made on the Skrill platform.


How To Receive Money With Skrill


  • Send your email username to the sender and your money will be send to the account ASAP!
  • The sender will be charged for the transaction.


3. Webmoney:- is also an online universal payment platform that allows user to send and receive money with few clicks, much is not required for signing up, the verification process is not has gathered over 50 million users since its creation in 1998.


How To Create Webmoney Account

  • If you android or Apple phone user, head over to playstore to install the web-money app.
  • Click sign Up.
  • Fill in your details – Name, Date of birth ETC.
  • After click save, and you will be giving the WMZ account.
  • The account starts with “Z”
  • Webmoney allows you to send and receive foreign currency immediately after signed up

How To Send Money On WebMoney

  • Click the Transfer
  • Input the receiver WMZ account Info.
  • Input the amount intended to send.
  • input 5 letter words in the note box
  • Now, security check- select E-NUM authentication verification method or SMS verification method.
  • input the code sent to your android app and click send.
  • Few cents will be deducted from your account.

How To Receive Money On WebMoney

  • Copy and send your WMZ to the sender.
  • The sender will now Input the amount to be send to your webmoney account.
  • Wait few minutes for it to reflect on your account, then refresh your webmoney page or logout if you in haste to see the balance to confirm if the sender has sent it already.

4. Chipper Cash :- as the name implies, it has to do with cash but foreign cash, this Fintech platform allows you to receive and send money from outside the country and within the Africa neighboring countries. Since the creation of CHIPPER – CASH, a lot of its user of over millions is able to shop online without no setback or difficulties. When you create account, you are allowed to create a dollar card which is accepted all most shopping online website. Chipper cash is one of the reliable and fast, free platforms for sending and receiving.


How To Create & Send Money On Chipper-Cash

  • Click on your phone app store and install the application.
  • Launch the app after installation and sign up.
  • Fill in all your necessary details.
  • Now click card to create your naira or usd card so you can shop online
  • To send money to another local bank, click your profile and hit transfer cash.
  • input the receiver account number and hit send.


How To Receive Money On Chipper-Cash

  • Login into your account after you launch the app.
  • Click profile to get your bank details.
  • Then, send it to the send to credit your chipper cash account.
  • Wait for few minutes to receive the fund in our CC account.

5. Paxum:- is another trusted platform that all user to send over 20+ currency across all other payment fintech platform, and also available in over 50 countries. Paxum is fast and reliable when it comes to hard currency transaction. The process for creating account is not as hard as a lot of user thinks, it can use to fund and send to any type of Master card, wire transfer, local bank transfer is also allowed.

How To Create And Send Funds With Paxum

  • Head over to their official website
  • Click Sign Up.
  • Select between personal or business.
  • Fill in necessary information e.g., phone number, your name, password and proceed to click save.
  • It takes less than 24hr for an account approval.




Thanks for reading to this level, as you know all the application mentioned in this blog post are reliable and fast for easy transactions, foreign currency withdrawal, sending and online shopping. Do well to share our blog with family and friend to get to see more problem-solving article and DIY! (Do It Yourself). Thanks



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