RenMoney Instant Cash -How To Apply And Get Your Own Loan

RenMoney Instant Cash -How To Apply And Get Your Own Loan

In this blog post I will be guiding you how I survived the hardship of not having money at a given time, I will be sharing how I get loan from Ren Money in an easy way without giving any paperwork or collateral. Person wey broke they get collateral, so one fateful day, toward the ending of the month when Nepa DO COME Knocking for their monthly money or they discount one electric supply. I was in my money downtime, no friend no foes to turn too, and I hate seeing my neighbors enjoying electricity will I stay in my room battling with heat. I go online to search which platform I can get loan from without collateral, and I stumble upon RENMONEY.

RenMoney gives loan to borrower without seeking much information from the borrower e.g., Collateral, it RENMONEY that comes to my aid. Enough of all the stories, let dive into the full details of me getting the loan so you too can obtain yours.

RenMoney is reliable as they do give borrower either large or low loan sum, with just button clicks, you can apply and get your loan amount disburse directly into your bank account.

What Are Key Features Of RenMoney

  1. You can download Renmoney from google play or apple store and sign up within 5minute to 10 minutes
  2. Quick loan approval
  3. Renmoney disburse the amount apply for to the borrower bank account if meets eligibility.
  4. RenMoney takes customer privacy so seriously as they encrypted all customer information.
  5. Loan Repayment that easy to repay are given to borrower.

RenMoney gives loan from ₦5,000 to ₦1,000,000 with a befitting repayment method from 3 months to 12months at monthly interest percent rate, from 2.2% to 2.65%

For Instance, how it calculated to know exactly the interest rate is:

Loan of ₦1,000,000 collected for 1 year. the monthly interest rate will be 2.49%, which total to pay back with the money collected and the interest rate will be ₦1,338,275. Annual percent rate is 29,88%.1% mgt fee.

Things To Know About Renmoney Loans

  • If borrower repay in time, he or she will get lower interest rate and addition time to repay next collected loan.
  • No guarantor, paperwork, collateral required.
  • Transparency: No hidden charges, you will be given terms and condition before your agreement.
  • Minimum loan repayment period is 91days [3months] and maximum loan repayment time is 12months [1year]
  • Renmoney Annual percentage rate is 25.44%
  • RenMoney Annual Percentage rate is 31.8%

RenMoney offers borrower up to ₦6,000,000, as you pay your bills, buy airtime and make payments such as school fees, dstv and others with the Renmoney App.

Other Features Of RenMoney

  • You can use Renmoney for the purpose of daily saving and weekly monthly deposit.
  • You can a good rate on your daily savings or fixed deposits
  • You can monitor your expenses, by using RenMoney.

Who Can Borow from RenMoney

  • Age: 18years – 60years
  • Nigerians only are welcomed.

About Renmoney

RenMoney is Fintech company create solely for the purpose of offering Nigerians with digital solution. They also give loan up to ₦6,000,000, gives good interest rates on money saved, bill payment and airtime purchases through usage o RenMoney App. RenMoney is registered with Micro-Finance banking with a license, controlled by the central bank of Nigeria [CBN] and insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation [NDIC]


Is Customer Information and Privacy Secure

Yes!, RenMoney takes the information and privacy of their customer to heart as they secured it with the best method ever, When you download the RenMoney be it from Google Play store or Apple stores, you will be ask for your permission to verify your personal and financial information e.g. your Date of birth, Biometric verification number [BVN] and other information .So they will secure all you filled when signing up ,they don’t share your information to third party without your permission or consent.

How Contact RenMoney

For inquiries, suggestions or questioning about things you don’t understand about RenMoney ,here are their Information on how to contact them.

  • You can open aa help ticket on the downloaded RenMoney App
  • Email:
  • Website:


RenMoney help in giving Financial Assistance, gives good interest rate to money saved through their official apps. You too can get loan from them with just few clicks here and there. Have it at the back of your mind that they protected your information. If you find this content useful, kindly comment below if you get loan from RenMoney through the steps stated in this article.

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