PIP – Picture In Picture – How To Watch Videos And Take Notes In Chrome Browser

Watching and doing other things on same computer or laptop is one big task we all desire to be able to achieve in recent time same way we can do such on our mobile phone. Mobile phone has the feature to minimize or have video we are watching to popup on top of screen so we can’t do other things at the same time on same phone. It called Picture in picture chrome extension by Google, most phone such as mobile phone Gionee M6 to mention few has the feature to enable Picture In Picture. You can watch YouTube videos, reply to WhatsApp messages or watch video on WhatsApp while replying to friends’ messages.

We all watch educative videos on YouTube or other video streaming platforms, and we would love to write down some vital points from the video tutorials on our notepad or Microsoft office word, but our computer doesn’t have the picture in picture features in most cases’ which stand as hindrance to getting the vital point we wanted to jot down because we can’t minimize the video that is playing. Don’t be trouble no more as we will discuss in this article how to get video playing to popup on top if your screen so you can do other things while watching or jotting down relevant point from the video.


How To Install Chrome Picture In Picture [PIP] Features On Your Computer


Google has provided it user more easy way to make research or get benefits from educative videos online which made the to release the Picture in Picture extension for computer user. Let dive into the details of getting the extension install on your computer chrome browser.


  • Connect your computer to internet.
  • Launch your chrome browser.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right-hand side of your chrome browser.
  • Scroll to extension and turn on the developer mode.
  • now go back to the search bar
  • Type in google.com
  • Now search Picture-In-Picture chrome (by google) extension.
  • It will pop up on the search page list, click on the one with the title Picture-In-Picture chrome extension and install it.
  • Give the extension authorization.

Benefits Of Picture-In-Picture Chrome Extension

  1. It gives you the opportunity to move the video you watch in all direction as it allows floating on top of the screen.
  2. It displays in all video resolution such as 480p, 720p ,1080p.
  3. Allows you to reduce or resize the video size while playing so it doesn’t occupy the whole screen, you be able to surf the internet or run other software application on your beloved pc.
  4. And it allows keyboard shortcut – (Alt + P) on window 10 operating system (OS) While on Mac computer, shortcut key is (⌥ + P).


If you have been finding it difficult to do other things on your computer just like you do on your phone and if you read to this level, definitely you must have find level in this blog article a it entails how to run the Picture in Picture features with the chrome extension, do well by following the steps and give use feedback if you were able to run us too .

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