MTN Tuesday 5Gb Subscription Package – How To Get It With myMTN NG

We all want to stay online and enjoy the skits ,memes ,download heavy file and also share data subscription with our love ones either by purchasing for them or we on our hotspot for them to stream or surf the internet like us .but in most cases the cost of that subscription is so expensive like we have to break ab bank for that purpose ,so we mostly look forward to cheap data subscription packages or we stay up at night to download heavy documents ,or files depriving ourselves sleep so we can enjoy streaming in most case ,huh people do say MTN user are Ritualist ,you have to have money to be able to use MTN data plans because of their efficient and stable blazing Network ,it one of the best Network provider to ever been.

If you are finding way to buy cheap data plan, in this blogpost we will be discussing how to get 5GB of data for 500 Naira. Kindly read to the end to get the full steps on how to Get the Mtn Tuesdays Awoof Data Plan. So let dive into it in details.

How To Subscribe To MTN Awoof Tuedays 1G & 5GB Data Plan


  • First, if you Android user head over to Google play store to download the myMTN NG app and if you using iPhone kindly do the same by installing the app from Apple store.
  • After installing the app, Input your MTN number and save.
  • OTP will be sent to the line for Verification.
  • then slide to Bundle section and look for the 5GB data package.
  • You will see it, if you don’t close the myMTN NG app and relaunch it
  • Now, scroll or click the three dots at the right bottom side to see Reward the offer section below, click it and it will show you the available Data offers. On every Tuesdays When you launch the MyMTN NG app, you will see the notification that you can buy 1GB worth of data for 100 Naira and 5GB for 500 Naira today. If you don’t get the notification, then you search the offer section.

  • When you find then offer, you select which of the packages you want to purchase by cracking the egg, If you desire to go for the 1G Awuf data, you do so and if it the 5GB you can also. But bear in mind you can’t buy the two on one SIM card ,so choose right.

How To Pay For The Awuf 5gGB or 1GB Data Plan

When you crack the egg, you click proceed to pay. Then another menu will popup asking for your prefer payment method


  • Bank
  • Bank Transfer
  • Mobo PSB
  • Pay with Airtime
  • USSD


  • Bank: – you can proceed to pay through bank, if you had link your bank atm to the myMTN app before and it remember the card detail. Then just click continue to buy the data. If you have not linked your card detail before, then do it. if you find it difficult to buy the data due to bank network issues, you can try Bank transfer.


  •  Bank Transfer: – You can buy the data by click bank transfer as payment method, the data seller account number will be giving to you through the app, you can copy it and send the data cost to the bank details. After you done with the steps, head over to the myMTN app and click Confirm Payment. That all.


  • Pay With Airtime: – Recharge your MTN line and click pay with airtime, recharge your SIM card before you launch the app.


  • USSD: – this has to do with using USSD code to subscribe the data package, click USSD,

then select your bank name, now a USSD code will pop up, copy it or click on it so your phone dialer will pick .Voola you subscribed.




Following the above steps will be a pretty easy way to get yourself MTN data at a cheaper price and you can get the data every Tuedays of the week, it works Tuesday and Wednesday before it expires. Kindly send us direct message or comment below if you have any challenges subscribing it, your suggestion is also welcome if you have any, don’t forget to share our blog and blogpost to your family and friends. Thanks!

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