Subscribe Cheap MTN Data Subscription -How To 5GB & 10GB For 1Hour With myMTN App

MTN data subscription packages or network remain undefeated when it comes to giving some mouthwatering bonus to it user or consumer for easy access to the internet and access to downloads and streaming that requires larger subscription .in this blogpost we will be discussing how to subscribe to MTN hourly data packages that comes with 5GB and 10GB at cheaper price ,normal price for 6GB data cost – N2,500 while 12GB cost – N3,500 although you must exhaust it in one hour ,that why it called Hourly and you can subscribe to it as many time you wish to . the 5GB subscription cost N500 naira while the 10GB cost N1,000.

with this package you can get 50GB in one day as long as you have heavy pocket to acquire any amount of data you so desire.

How To Get 5GB Hourly Data Subscription 

  • Install the myMTN app on your phone if you haven’t, if you are using Android 10 operating system or iOS for iPhone user you can download and install from the official stores.
  • ¬†Launch the myMTN App, head over to buy Bundle.
  • Scroll to the 5Gb for 1hour package and follow prompt.
  • click proceed to buy now!
  • select your prefer payment method, Bank or Debit, Bank Transfer or USSD
  • Mind you can still buy with Airtime if you have recharged your line already.
  • Link your debit card to buy the 5GB and start browsing as you like.

After you successfully purchase it, head over to YouTube, Netflix to chill with your loved ones or download that heavy game like COD (Call Of Duty), Asphalt 8 and the rest.

How To Get 10GB Hourly Data Subscription 

You can subscribe to the 10GB subscription same way you do for the 5GB, head over to the myMTN app and scroll down to buy data bundle or you click the one showing at the front-page pf the app. click buy 10GB for N1,000 now.

You can select proceed to pay with airtime, if you have recharge your mtn line already or you select pay with USSD, a times USSD won’t work unless you use the debit method to pay for it.

  • After you have paid for and successfully credited the 10GB, switch your Data to 3G and return back to 4G then start to surf the internet or try to watch YouTube video to see if it has started work already, do this inly if your phone didn’t browse.


If you able to read to this level that means you will be able to subscribe to the data subscription as I have tried it myself also, if you find value on our blog kindly comment below, share our blogpost to your pals so they find value about pressing data subscription issues. MTN data is now cheap to miss out!

If you have any opinion or have challenges, kindly shoot us through our contact us page so we attend to the issue immediately and if you don’t understand the process of subscribing to the data,that why we are HERE!.Thanks


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